Work On Your Business, Not Just In It!

Russian Dolls
You can grow your small business into a big business by working on it.

Many big businesses began as a micro business. The owner in this small business did everything- take calls, do paperwork, find sales, and finally the work to make the product or service sold. As a small business owner you can relate to the long hours and the small pay! And if you don’t work you don’t get paid!

So how did these big business owners become big? how did they turn their small business into a big business? They no longer do everything, they employ people to do it for them. They still work hard, but not the same as they did when they started. Many big business owners became big, because they planned to become big. That is, they not only spent time working in the business, but took time away from it to work on it! this is an important part of any business growth story. You have to plan for your business to grow and start putting milestones in place to work towards.

But How?

  • Commit Time– Block out a few hours per week to work on your business. This means no interruptions or doing it here and there.
  • Jot Notes– Keep a diary or book that is dedicated to your Business Development. Then when you reach your Block Out time you can review your notes. This could be anything from identifying ways to improve production, a new supplier, a possible new product line or offering, new business alliances or venture opportunities- anything. Write it down!
  • Experts and Mentors– Many entrepreneurs who grew their business will tell you how important it is to have the input of others. Be willing to ask for advice and guidance. Experts such as accountants, solicitors and business consultants are a valuable resource. Mentors are a good sounding board for any challenges you have, acting as both guidance and support. Input and ideas from outside the business brings diverse thinking and new opportunities.
  • Self Sabotage– Sometimes the thing preventing your business from growing is you! A business owner can, mostly out of comfort and fear of the unknown, be the biggest hurdle preventing the business from growing. They could prevent putting in management or taking on new investors, seeing them as threat to control. They could view business growth as too risky when the business is fine the way it is. Fear is a big component of self sabotage! Be open to change.
  • Plan Ahead– Use your business development time to set goals and milestones. It is important to put when you want to achieve a goal or milestone. “A Goal not written down and without a deadline is a wish. A written goal with a deadline is a commitment!”
  • Personal and Professional– Not only plan for your business goals, but also your own personal goals. These could impact on your business goals. Making money is not the outcome, it is what the  money can  do for you that is the outcome. On a deserted island or in death, money has no worth.

These are just some of the ways to work on your business. In order to grow your business, you must dedicate time to achieving the outcomes you are wanting. Use experts and mentors to guide and support your business to grow. Don’t be your own enemy to success, be open to the change that will take place, don’t fear it. Plan where  you want your business to be in the future, but also plan where you want to be personally so there is no mismatch in goals.

~Damien Foley



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