Making a $10,000 Sale From a 10c Business Card

Damien Foley Business CardHave you ever waited for that important phone call from a potential client you met at an event? They were excited by your product and it was just what they wanted. You gave them your business card. They didn’t have a business card to give you but would call. You left excited for the coming sale and waited days for the phone to ring- but it never came. Why?

Did your business card kill the deal? Your business card is a critical business marketing tool that can generate thousands of dollars in sales for you and your business. We underestimate how powerful it is as our first point of marketing. Many businesses don’t put much thought into them, resulting in poor first impressions and lost sales. So when planning your business card here are a few things you should consider,

1. Keep It Simple- Ensure the person reading your business card can get all the required information they need at a glance. Don’t complicate it for them. Considering layout, colours, word font, and pictures is essential in your decision making.

2. Business Name- Make sure your business name is easily identifiable and clear to read.

3. Your Name and Position- A business card is a personal business tool. Make sure your name and position is clear to find and read.

4. Logo- Size and placement of your logo is important.

5. Contact Details- These include your phone numbers both land line and mobile, fax number, street address, postal address, email and website. It can also include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. TIP: Double check it’s correct before printing.

6. Back of Card- You can use this for other information. For example, your business products, iconic pictures of your business or you, appointment details, other peoples contact details, other business locations, areas serviced, associated businesses, etc.

7. Look at other peoples business cards. Identify what you like and what you don’t like. What information is important to you? Is there enough information or too much? Glossy or matt finish? one side or two sided? Embossed pictures or printing? Is glossy, two sided or embossed needed for cost?

Not having the right business card can cost you sales and ruin your business brand. Not having an effective business card can lose you vital connections with those all important new client leads you create.

Damien Foley has extensive experience in networking and has seen many business cards in his time. Do you need assistance with designing your business card or wanting to revamp your current tired and ineffective business card? Contact Damien for a consultation to advise you on how to get the most from one of your most valuable marketing tools! Call Damien on (07) 3802 0222 or his mobile 0437 028 006 or email



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