Elevator Pitch- Geddy/Getty Pitch

I tried to find the Youtube video I got this elevator pitch from and is named after, but alas I cannot remember his name correctly. But there are three key parts to the pitch

1. Identify the problem you provide the solution to and pose this as a question. for example “You know how a lot of not for profit organisations don’t keep very good bookkeeping records because they can’t afford a professional bookkeeper?”

2. Pose the solution you offer to this problem- “Well, what I do is I find organisations that will pay me to do their bookkeeping for them, so the not for profit organisation is better able to meet their corporate governance requirements.”

3. Provide a great example of a client you helped by solving their problem- “For example, I had a client who was keeping their records in excel spreadsheets. By putting their accounts into an accounting package, I was able to show them where they were paying too much and why their projects were losing money. By doing this, the organisation stopped losing money and started making profits on their projects to return to their community!”


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