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Damien Foley

Situated near Brisbane, Queensland Australia, I am an active member in the community, most notably in the area of business as an Entrepreneur. I am involved with several Chambers of Commerce and industry organisations such as Regional Development Australia and the Indigenous Construction Group Australia (ICGA). I am involved in mentoring youth in business, with Junior Chambers of Commerce and with the former Young Achievement Australia (YAA) program as a mentor to a University of Queensland team.

I grew up in Kempsey, NSW Australia until I finished high school. Since the age of 13 I have been working. My first job was doing pamphlet deliveries. While in high school I did subjects as commerce, legal studies, 3 unit maths and economics. I also did a business program through the Young Achievement Australia (YAA) program at age 16. I went on to study at the University of  Newcastle doing a Bachelor of Commerce degree. While studying I worked in a corner store on Derby Street in Newcastle. While still working at the store I took on another job working at the University Student Enquiry Desk. Finishing university I went to work as an accountant for several accounting firms in and around Newcastle. After working five years in firms I went to work as a company accountant for just under 3 years. The first was in a childcare company then in a manufacturing company.

Leaving the manufacturing company, I went to work in the family business full time in 2008. Foley’s Earthmoving relocated to near Brisbane in 2007. Thinking the ‘Global Financial Crisis’ was only going to last 6-12 months, I thought this a good time to establish the business to ready for the continuing boom in construction- I was wrong!! In 2008 I joined the Logan Country Chamber of Commerce, where I was asked to stand on the Executive Committee shortly after. During 2009 I mentored a University of Queensland (UQ) team in theYoung Achievement Australia (YAA) program. Shortly after this I nominated to become a mentor to the Logan Country Junior Chamber of Commerce, a joint venture between the Chamber and the local high school. Later in 2009 I joined the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (SEQICC). I was then asked and accepted to stand as Treasurer of the SEQICC in May 2010. In June 2010 a steering committee was formed to create the Indigenous Construction Group Australia (ICGA). Formerly becoming an association in October 2010, I stayed on as President.

With my heavy involvement in business at local, regional, state and national levels and in the area of Indigenous business, I have been asked to sit on various boards and committees of organisations and government programs to give advice and guidance. I have also spoken at several conferences throughout Australia on small business and on Indigenous business.


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