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How To Find The Right Networking Event For You

So you want to meet new people to network with. But where are they? And which is the right one for you?

Ideally, ask someone you know who is already networking to give you some ideas on where to network. Meet Up, for example, is an online place to find where people are meeting for different interest groups in a particular area. I strongly recommend this if you are new to anything, anywhere!

Below are some different organisations and types of ways to network.

Speed Networking | Chamber of Commerce | Business Networking Inc | Sporting Clubs | Exclusive Clubs | Industry Events | Meet Up | Art Exhibitions | School Events | Community Events and Organisations | Private or Exclusive Events | Online Forums and Communities | Social Media Linked In- Twitter- Facebook | Volunteering | Lions Club | Quota | Rotary | Seminars and Workshops | Book Clubs | Cooking Classes.

Remember, networking means different things to different people. Ask yourself the following questions

1. Who am I wanting to meet/what is my purpose? Business or pleasure? Are you wanting to meet new clients; new suppliers; new friends; colleagues from your industry; mentors; new business partners; investors; employees; people who are in a particular industry or have common interests? Don’t always assume that for business you need to go to events where only your potential clients are.

2. How many networking events do you want to attend each week or month or year? How frequently do you want to attend any one networking event? I can literally go to a networking event every day for almost every day of the year. But I wouldn’t get much work done if I did!

3. What are my limitations? Cost? Travel time/distance/location? Time to attend? Time to contribute to the organisation? Some networking events cost money to attend, not including the additional costs of meals, drinks, contributions etc. Where the event is and the time commitment to attend is also a factor. Some networking events are not just networking but also part of an organisations official meeting.

Networking is about meeting people. Don’t immediately dismiss an event because those attending are not the people you want to meet. Getting to know these people and making them a part of your network might open you to other people who you are wanting to meet.

If you want to find me, I have my “Where I Will Be” page letting people know what events I am attending for business. I also link a little blog I do on the event as well.

Personally, I use Meet Up to meet new people once a week for both the personal and professional interaction. I have made this part of my goals for 2014.

So now you can find events to network at. But what do you need to do to start networking? Find out in my next post!

~ Damien Foley


New Executive Committee of Flagstone Junior Chamber of Commerce

Flagstone State Community College Junior Chamber of Commerce
Flagstone State Community College Junior Chamber of Commerce- Article Jimboomba Times

The Flagstone State Community College Junior Chamber of Commerce has been going for 3 years. It just held its 4th Annual General Meeting to elect its new Executive Committee of Trent Bonner, Jessica Tracey, Natalie Holmes and Nick Eagles. The new committee is prepared for their roles ahead, with Trent, Jess and Natalie being re-elected from last years Executive Committee.

Succession Planning is something Bob Wiley (Logan Country Chamber representative), Jenny Krause (Teacher, Flagstone State Community College) and I as mentors have being working towards for the last 3 years since inception. This is just one of the many milestones  planned and met, allowing the Jnr Chamber to grow and mature over this time.

The Junior Chamber has run a Careers Expo at the school for the last 3 years. With planning for the Expo starting 10 months prior, this means as soon as it is over, planning for next years begins shortly after.

As a mentor and seeing the current Executive Committee achieve what they have, I can say I am truly proud of them and what they have achieved. They are definitely growing and becoming professional in their roles and responsibilities.

Article by the Jimboomba Times released on the 29/08/2012

~ Damien Foley