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The Million Dollar Sales Pitch- Presented by David S Rose

David Rose has raised millions pitching with Power Point presentations to Venture Capitalists and invested millions with people who have presented Power Point presentations. In this presentation, David explains how to deliver a million dollar sales pitch to potential investors and clients.


Movember- Adam Garone

Aussie Adam Garone talks on how an idea became a worldwide movement to fight and create awareness about prostate cancer.

3 Ways To (Usefully) Lose Control Of Your Brand- Tim Leberecht

Tim Leberecht in this  7 minute presentation explains  how giving your brand to others gives you more information and control over your brand.

8 Secrets of Success

8 Secrets of Success

Ever wondered what it takes to be successful? Richard St Johns was asked this question. As a result he has condensed 7 years of research into a presentation that explains it in less time than a TV ad break.

~ Damien Foley